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Guwaabal 4 Garrbaali / The Shingleback Lizard

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Visit Version 2 to see the story presented sentence by sentence and translated into English. There is also an 'interlinear' translation which shows Yuwaalaraay word-building, verb tenses and suffixes.
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Garrbaali bulaarr Dhinawan
Yilaalu garrbaali, dhinawan, guwaalaylanhi. Giirr nhama garrbaali bamba banagaylanhi. Waalbala nhama dhinawan banagaylanhi, yiyal yanaaylanhi.
Giirr dhinawandu guwaay: "Yaama ngali wungay, gambaay?"
"Ngaayaybaay." Garrbaalidjubala guwaay.
"Giirr ngalibadhaay, ngalinginda, yanaawaay, gungandi wungaygu." [Dhinawandu guwaay.]
"Ngaayaybaay." Garrbaalidjubala guwaay.
Giirr yanaanhi nhama bulaarr gungan.gu.
"Nginda waanda wungawaaya." Garrbaalidjubala guwaay.
Giirr nhama dhinawan wunganhi, yilaa dhurray, ngiyamanga wilanhi, bagaga.
Yilaabala Garrbaali dhunbil dhuwimanhi, bagaga wiimay. Yilaa ngiyamanga Garrbaali wungaylanhi. Dhinawandubala guwaaldanhi: "Ngadaa, ngadaa, ngadaa, ngadaa, gigilaya." Giirr nhama wungaylanhi ngiyarrma, yilaabala barraay ngaama dhinawan ngarraldanhi.
"Wungaya, wungaya, yaluubadhaay wungaya." Dhinawandubala guwaaldanhi. Yilaanga nguu wunganhi.
Yalagiirrmawubala dhinawandu nhama dhunbil dhiyamay, banagaalinyi.
Nhambala nguunga gungandi dhurray, garrbaali. Ngiyarrma nguu, yugilanhi, garrbaali, dhunbilnginda.
Nhambala dhinawan banagaalinyi.