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Who told these stories and made this site?

People have been writing word lists and language rules for Yuwaalaraay and Gamilaraay since the 1840s, and the stories you hear on this site are based on those collected from a variety of sources over many years.

Sound recordings of Yuwaalaraay elders Arthur Dodd and Fred Reece were made by Corinne Williams and Janet Mathews in the 1970s. These recordings are now held in the archives of the Australian Insitute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies in Canberra. Many of the site's stories are based on these recordings. Uncle Ted Fields is the main Elder associated with the program at present. Other language workers are John Brown, Karen Flick and teacher linguist John Giacon.

The voices you hear are those of Don Lillyman, Karen Flick, and John Giacon. (John Brown reads a story which will appear on a CD version of this site.)

Funding for the site came from the NSW Department of Aboriginal Affairs, via the Aboriginal Language Research and Resource Centre. Financial administration was provided by the Catholic Schools Office, Armidale, NSW. The computer equipment was provided by St Jospeh's School, Walgett, NSW.

Project coordination and text preparation was undertaken by John Giacon. The site was designed by Mark MacLean of Bruderlin MacLean Publishing Services and Matthew Ward of Mockfrog Designs.

The Elders
Click on their photos to read a short biography of each Elder.
Fred Reece

Arthur Dodd

Ted Fields

The Contributors
Pictured below are the people who transcribed, arranged and spoke the stories.
Left to right: John Brown, Karen Flick, John Giacon and Don Lillyman.

The Sponsors
Several organisations have contributed greatly to the production of this site. Our thanks go to the NSW Department of Aboriginal Affairs, the Aboriginal Languages Research and Resource Centre, and the Catholic Schools Office (Armidale).