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Version 1
Gamilaraay only.

Version 2
Gamilaraay and English.

About the Mirri story

This story is developed from fragments in the tapes which are the source of much of the information about Gamilaraay and Yuwaalaraay. Much of it comes from Fred Reece and Janet Mathews' material on side 2 of tape 2438B.

Some Gamilaraay people use mirri for dog' (many nowadays pronounce it miri) and others use buruma, so two versions of the story are provided.

The Dog

I was walking along the road. The dog ran at me. The dog chased me, but I ran. I climbed a tree.

The dog was barking. I broke a branch and hit the dog with it. I hit it on the head. That dog ran away.

The tree was slippery. I was afraid of falling. I climbed down slowly from the slippery tree. Then I went home.