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STORY 8 Mirri or Buruma / The Dog

Winangala! Listen to the story continuously in Gamilaraay by clicking on the loudspeaker symbol (left).

Note that the MP3 sound file is quite large (100Kb) and may take some time to download.

Alternatively, listen to the each sentence by clicking the 'play' button in the column below. Some Gamilaraay people use the word mirri for dog, though others use buruma. You can hear the story with either word by clicking the sound box M or B.
  In the right-hand column the story is broken down into individual sentences. The first line is in Gamilaraay, the third is an English 'free' translation. The second line is an 'interlinear' translation; it shows the various parts of each Gamilaraay word (verb, noun, suffix etc). By examining this line you can see how words and sentences are built in Gamilaraay.
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The Dog
Yana-waa-nhi ngaya yuruun-da.
walk-moving-Past I road-in,at,on
I was walking along the road.
Mirri-bala nganunda banaga-waa-nhi.
Buruma-bala nganunda banaga-waa-nhi.
dog-contrast to/at/on me run-moving-Past
The dog ran at me.
Mirri-dhu nganha gawaa-nhi, banaga-nhi-nga-bala ngaya.
Buruma-gu nganha gawaa-nhi, banaga-nhi-nga-bala ngaya.
dog-doer.to me chase-Past run-Past-then-contrast I
The dog chased me, but I ran.
Dhulu-dhi galiya-nhi ngaya.
tree-from climb-Past I
I climbed a tree.
Gula-lda-nhi-nga nhama mirri-dhu.
Gula-lda-nhi-nga nhama buruma-gu.
bark-continuous-Past-then that,the dog-doer.to
The dog was barking.
Dhulu gama-y ngaya, buma-y ngaya dhulu-gu, mirri.
Dhulu gama-y ngaya, buma-y ngaya dhulu-gu, buruma.
stick break-Past I hit-Past I stick-with dog
I broke a branch and hit the dog with it.
Buma-y-nga ngaya dhaygal-i.
hit-Past-then I head-from
I hit it on the head.
Giirr banaga-nhi nhama mirri.
Giirr banaga-nhi nhama buruma.
really run-Past that,the dog
That dog ran away.
Giirr bulilbulil nhama dhulu.
really slippery that,the tree
The tree was slippery.
Giyal ngaya gi-nyi bundaa-ngindaay ngaya.
afraid I get-Past fall-Rel.suff I
I was afraid of falling.
Baluwaa ngaya gaarri-yaa-nhi dhulu-dhi,
slowly I get down-moving-Past tree-from
bulilbulil-i dhulu-dhi.
slippery-from tree-from
I climbed down slowly from the slippery tree.
Gundhi-gu yana-nhi ngaya.
house-to go-Past I
Then I went home.