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Guwaabal 7 Milaan / Yams

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  In the right-hand column the story is broken down into individual sentences. The first line is in Yuwaalaraay, the third is an English 'free' translation. The second line is an 'interlinear' translation; it shows the various parts of each Yuwaalaraay word (verb, noun, suffix etc). By examining this line you can see how words and sentences are built in Yuwaalaraay.
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Gunidja-yu ngay nganha gaa-nhi, milaan-gu.
mother-doerto my me carry-Past yam-purpose
Mum took me looking for yams, for milaan.
Gungan-da ngaya yilawa-nhi,
water-in,at,on I sit-Past
I sat down in the water,
nhama gadha-y ngaya gunidjarr:
there call.to-Past I mother
and I called out to my mother:
"Ngambaa, milaan nhalay, dhaay yanaa-ya,
mother yam here to.here come-command
"Mum, there's milaan here, come here.
nhalay milaan, nhalay."
here yam here
Here, there are milaan here."
Dhiinbaay ngay gunidja-yu gaa-waa-nhi, mawu-gi-gu.
yamstick my mother-doerto carry-moving-Past dig-purpose
My mother was carrying a yamstick, to dig with.
Yilawa-y-la-nhi ngaya gungan-da.
sit-continuous-Past I water-in,at,on
I was sitting in the water.
Giirr bidjaay-biyaay nhama gungan.
really mud-with that,the water
That water was muddy.
Gunidja-yu ngay dhiinbaay-u dhu-nhi, dhaymaarr.
mother-doerto my yamstick-with stab-Past ground
My mother stuck the yamstick into the ground.
Buyu-yiyal-bala ngay gunidja-yu dhu-nhi.
leg-just-contrast my mother-doerto stab-Past
But instead she stuck in into my leg.
Baa-nhi ngaya gungan-di, yu-waa-nhi ngaya.
jump-Past I water-from cry-moving-Past I
I jumped out of the water and I was crying.
Yurrun-nga ngaya ngarra-lda-nha.
scar-now I see-continuous-Present
I can still see the scars.