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Guwaabal 7 Milaan / Yams

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Visit Version 2 to see the story presented sentence by sentence and translated into English. There is also an 'interlinear' translation which shows Yuwaalaraay word-building, verb tenses and suffixes.
Go to the Notes page to find out the background to the story. This story is read by John Brown.

Milaan. Gunidjayu ngay nganha gaanhi, milaangu. Gunganda ngaya yilawanhi, nhama gadhay ngaya gunidjarr: "Ngambaa, milaan nhalay, dhaay yanaaya, nhalay milaan, nhalay."
Dhiinbaay ngay gunidjayu gaawaanhi, mawugigu. Yilawaylanhi ngaya gunganda. Giirr bidjaaybiyaay nhama gungan. Gunidjayu ngay dhiinbaayu dhunhi, dhaymaarr. Buyuyiyalbala ngay gunidjayu dhunhi. Baanhi ngaya gungandi, yuwaanhi ngaya.
Yurrunnga ngaya ngarraldanha.