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Version 1
Yuwaalaraay only.

Version 2
Yuwaalaraay and English.

About the Maadhaay story

This story begins with Fred Reece and Janet Mathews material on a series of tapes. The main purpose of the tape material was to elicit words and grammatical structure, rather than to develop a coherent story. Nevertheless sectons of the material can be selected and combined, and with a few additions and some editing it can make a brief narrative. The original material begins after 10 minutes of side 2 of tape 2438B.

The story in English is reproduced below.

The Dog

I was walking along the road. I dog come towards me. The dog smelt me. Then the dog bit my leg.

So I picked up a rock and pelted the dog with it. I nearly hit the man. That man got wild. That man got wild with me because I threw the rock. I ran away from the man.

I hid behind a tree. Blood was coming out of my leg. So I tied it up with a rag. It will probably get better.