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Guwaabal 6 Maadhaay / The Dog

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  In the right-hand column the story is broken down into individual sentences. The first line is in Yuwaalaraay, the third is an English 'free' translation. The second line is an 'interlinear' translation; it shows the various parts of each Yuwaalaraay word (verb, noun, suffix etc). By examining this line you can see how words and sentences are built in Yuwaalaraay.
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The Dog
Yanaa-waa-nhi ngaya yuruun-da.
go-moving-Past I road-in,at,on
I was walking along the road.
Maadhaay nganunda yanaa-nhi.
dog to/at/on me come-Past
I dog come towards me.
Nganha nhama maadhaay-u buwi-nyi.
me that,the dog-doer.to smell-Past
The dog smelt me.
Yilaa-bala buyu ngay nhama
then-contrast leg my that,the
maadhaay-u yii-y.
dog-doer.to bite-Past
Then the dog bit my leg.

Giirr maayama dhiyama-y ngaya,
really stone pick.up-Past I
maadhay ngaya maayama-gu gayawi-y.
dog I stone-with throw.at-Past
So I picked up a rock and pelted the dog with it.
Ngaliman ngaya dhayn buma-y.
almost I Aboriginal.man hit-Past
I nearly hit a man.
Yiili-nha-bala dhayn gi-nyi.
angry-that.there-contrast Aboriginal.man get-Past
That man got wild.
Yiili-bala nganunda nhama dhayn
angry-contrast to/at/on me that,the Aboriginal.man
gi-nyi, maayama ngaya wana-ngindaay.
get-Past stone I throw-Rel.suff
That man got wild with me because I threw the rock.
Banaga-nhi-nga ngaya-bala, dhayn-di.
run-Past-then I-contrast Aboriginal.person-from
I ran away from the man.
Guuma-nhi ngaya muyaan-da.
hide(self)-Past I tree-in,at,on
I hid behind a tree.
Guway-nga gaarri-yaa-nha, buyu-dhi ngay.
blood-now go.down-moving-Present leg-from my
Blood was coming out of my leg.
Bidjaraay-u ngaya-laa yulaa-y.
rag-with I-then tie.up-Past
So I tied it up with a rag.
Giirr-yaa ngaya-laa gaba gi-gi.
really-might I-then good get-Future
It will probably get better.