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Version 1
Yuwaalaraay only.

Version 2
Yuwaalaraay and English.

About the Miyay Garunggay story

This story is a narrative, unlike most of the others which are traditional mythological stories. It occurs on tape 2438B where Fred Reece is talking to Janet Mathews. A major reason for the tapes was to obtain the grammar and words of the language, and this was often done by Janet Mathews telling a story and Fred Reece or Arthur Dodd translating. For this story there have been fewer changes needed to the text on the tapes since the material is more straightforward.

The English version of the story is reproduced below.

The Girl Will Drown

A girl was playing at the river. That girl fell into the water. And that water was cold.

"She is going to drown, run and pull her out from the water."

Her mother ran there quickly. Then she fell into the water too.

The father was running there too, and he was crying. He jumped into the water, and he grabbed the mother and the child. Then he took them home, well.