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Guwaabal 9 Miyay Garunggay / The Girl Will Drown

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  In the right-hand column the story is broken down into individual sentences. The first line is in Yuwaalaraay, the third is an English 'free' translation. The second line is an 'interlinear' translation; it shows the various parts of each Yuwaalaraay word (verb, noun, suffix etc). By examining this line you can see how words and sentences are built in Yuwaalaraay.
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The Girl Will Drown
Miyay-djuul nhama gaawaa-ga yulu-gi-la-nhi.
girl-one there river-in,at,on play-continuous-Past
A girl was playing at the river.
Bundaa-nhi-nga ngaama miyay-djuul gungan-da.
fall-Past-then that.the girl-one water-in,at,on
That girl fell into the water.
Baliyaa-bala nhama gungan.
cold-contrast that,the water
And that water was cold.
"Garungga-y gi-yaa-nha, barraay banaga-ya
drown-Future going.to fast, quickly run-command
dhuwima-li-gu-nha gungan-di."
remove-Future-purpose-that water-from
"She is going to drown, run and pull her out from the water."
Gunidjarr nhama bamba banaga-nhi.
mother that,the hard run-Past
Her mother ran there quickly.
Bundaa-nhi gungan-da-bula.
fall-Past water-in,at,on-also
Then she fell into the water too.
Buwadjarr-bula nhama-dhaay banaga-waa-nhi,
father-also that,the-to.here run-moving-Past
The father was running there too, and he was crying.
Baa-nhi gungan-da, bayama-y nguu
jump-Past water-in,at,on catch-Past he/she
gunidjarr, birralii.
mother child
He jumped into the water, and he grabbed the mother and the child.
Gaba gaa-nhi, gundhi-gu.
good take-Past house-to
Then he took them home, well.