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spacer The edited sound recording below is that of Arthur Dodd and Fred Reece pronouncing the language names 'Yuwaalaraay', 'Gamilaraaay' and 'Yuwaalayaay'. A transcript follows.

"Gamilaraay, Gamilaraay." [Fred Reece, tape 2435B]
"Gamilaraay, Gamilaraay, yeah." [Fred Reece, tape 1848A]
"That's in Yuwaalaraay, that grandfather, dhaadhaa." [Arthur Dodd, tape3220A]
"That's in Yuwaalayaay, yeah." [Fred Reece, tape 2438B]
"That's in Gamilaraay that, baaluu [moon], Yuwaalaraay is 'moon', gilay. That's, ah, Gamilaraay, Gamilaraay, yeah.' [Arthur Dodd, tape3220A]